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Israeli Jets Prepare For Imminent Strike Against Iran: Iranian TV

Israeli Jets Prepare For Imminent Strike Against Iran: Iranian TV

August 23, 2011 - Iranian PressTV reports that Israeli jet fighters have reportedly conducted drills at a military base in Iraq in order to strike targets inside Iran. Even though the Pentagon has so far denied this development which could simply send oil to $two hundred, we are much more curious what Israel has to say, or a lot more especially do, in response to this kind of allegations.

A significant amount of Israeli warplanes have been noticed at al-Asad base in Iraq, noted a resource close to well known Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sader's group.

The aircraft reportedly integrated F-15, F-sixteen, F-18, F-22, and KC-10 jet fighters.

The warplanes carried out their week-extended exercise routines at nights, the exact same supply added.

The drills have been reportedly aimed at getting ready to strike Iran's air defense systems, disrupt Iran's radars and assault targets deep inside Iran.

Iraqi officials had not been notified of the workouts, which had been performed in collaboration with the US military.

The United States maintains several bases in Iraq, and the Baghdad authorities is not concerned in any of the military deployments getting location there.

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  • Nijjhar#

    Nijjhar wrote September 9, 2013 9:41:56 AM CEST


    The aggressor is allowed two strikes and the Third is the Judgement Strike. The first strike was initiated by the destruction of Iraq on false pretences that it has WMD but none were found. Destructions of other countries is a follow up.

    Now, they are supposed to attack a country making Atomic Bombs and that could be Iran. That would be the Second Strike and it would create real TRIBULATIONS in the world and Mammon worshipping rich would be killed by the general public. Jews have their countries to run to whilst the others who do not return to their countries of origin would die. Only those Preaching Gospel will be saved as it creates kingdom of heaven around them.

    Atomic War is expected when Israel is 70 years old as the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. as well. Unfaithful to Abraham Jews were made to scatter whilst the faithful remained in the Promised Land of Abraham. They are a Nation of Priests and we should appreciate their sacrifices.

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