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Israel’s New Secret Weapon Unveiled: High-altitude nuke EMP bombs

Israel’s New Secret Weapon Unveiled: High-altitude nuke EMP bombs
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September 11, 2012 - British newspaper Sunday Times has exposed one of the "surprises" the Israel Defense Forces has in store in case of a military strike in Iran.

According to the Sunday morning report, the Jewish state could cripple the Islamic Republic's power grid with high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulses as part of a concerted attack to halt Iran's military nuclear program, which could "send Iran back to the Stone Age."

The report, by Uzi Mahnaimi, claims that the possible use of such a weapon has been raised in several quarters as a debate rages among Israel’s politicians about whether a swift strike should be launched against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Bill Gertz, a veteran American defense specialist, is quoted as saying that US intelligence agencies have reported “growing concerns that Israel will conduct a strike on Iran using a high-altitude nuclear burst aimed at disrupting all electronics in the country." 

The technology behind EMP, which is regarded as non-lethal, has been known for decades, the Sunday Times reports.

Also U.S. intelligence agencies recently reported growing concerns that Israel will conduct a strike on Iran using a high-altitude nuclear burst aimed at disrupting all electronics in the country.

The intelligence worries were triggered by recent publication of an article ( http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/12017#.UE7tXFFaJaR ) in the Israeli press suggesting the Jewish state should carry out an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack.

U.S. officials said the article likely reflects official Israeli government thinking about a possible preemptive response to Iran’s expected emergence as a nuclear weapons state in the near future.

Asked about the EMP report, an Israeli government spokesman declined to comment. A U.S. intelligence community spokesman also declined comment.

A U.S. official said the article in question appeared Aug. 6 in the news outlet Israel National News. The article stated that an Israeli nuclear burst over Iran could “send Iran back to the Stone Age.”

It was the first time the issue of a nuclear EMP attack by Israel had appeared in a mainstream Israeli press outlet.

U.S. officials also suspect the article was written by someone in the Israeli government who favors such a strike. Another theory among analysts is that the Israeli government, at a minimum, encouraged publication of the article.

The American author of the Israeli article, Joe Tuzara, wrote that growing signs Iran is speeding up development of nuclear weapons should lead Tel Aviv to launch the preemptive EMP attack.

“For the most part, Israel’s dilemma is focused singly on the use of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) without informing the U.S.,” Tuzara stated.

The attack could be carried out using a nuclear warhead detonated after launch by one of Israel’s Jericho III missiles at high-altitude over north central Iran.

EMP affects computers and other electronics and would disrupt critical infrastructure that relies on electronics and electricity, such as communications, transportation, and other networks.

The burst would create “no blast or radiation effects on the ground,” the article stated.

“Coupled with cyber-attacks, Iranians would not know it happened except for a massive shutdown of the electric power grid, oil refineries, and a transportation gridlock,” the article said.

“Food supply would be exhausted and communication would be largely impossible, leading to economic collapse. Similarly, the uranium enrichment centrifuges in Fordo, Natanz, and widely scattered elsewhere, would freeze for decades.”

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'Israel could send Iran back to Stone Age'

Introduction - Sunday September 9, 2012 If nothing else this story illustrates how redundant, and exploitative, the corporate media has become. The following Ynet article reports on a story that appeared in Rupert Murdoch's Sunday Times earlier today. Thing is: readers have to pay to read the story as it appears in Murdoch's paper.

Israel's New Secret Weapon Unveiled

Experts Say Israel Could Send Iran Back to Stone Age Defense experts say the Jewish state could cripple the Islamic Republic's power grid with electromagnetic pulses The English newspaper 'Sunday Times' has exposed one of the "surprises" the Israel Defense Forces has in store in case of a military strike against Iran.

'Israel could send Iran back to Stone Age'

Israel's New Secret Weapon Unveiled

Israel could send Iran 'back to the stone age' with electromagnetic bomb

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  • Spikey#

    Spikey wrote September 15, 2012 4:29:21 PM CEST

    Israel and the US seems to be massive fucking hypocrites, so at the very least, this is true to
    form for them.

    Bleat on and on about big bad Iran for years, claiming poor defenceless little Israel is afraid of
    the big bad Iranians and claim to fear that they might use a nuclear weapon against Israel...when
    the cringe-worthy propaganda doesn't work on Russia and China, then they turn round and
    announce to the world, that not only does Israel have a vast nuclear weapons stockpile, undeclared
    and all UN weapons inspectors have consistently been refused entry into Israel (whereas Iran allows inspectors into Iran..) that far from Iran being the dangerous Nutter in the region, who is going to use nuclear weapons as a first strike weapon, it IS ACTUALLY ISRAEL WHO IS DOING IT!!!

    I can't be the only one who sees the absolute bollocks in all of this surely?

    And the EMP only part of the use of nuclear weapons (WMD!) admission?

    Yeah, well...when the Jericho missile 'accidentally' fails to intercept the nuclear missile raining down on Iran...have a guess what will happen to the innocent people on the ground?

    Incinerated in a flash, hundreds of thousands dying within a couple of weeks, perhaps millions from
    later affects....oh yeah..and they'll be an EMP affect on technology, which will make any rescue and treatment of survivors nearly impossible.

    What a wonderful fucking bunch of people running Israel are! I cannot believe Israel has been
    allowed to go on this insane crusade as long as it has done.

    The UN security council should be shouting from the rooftops, doing their collective nuts about this announcement...but silence...fuck all. No sanctions, no UN resolutions, nothing.

    Imagine if it had been Iran that had made this announcement? What do you think the world would be doing right now?

    What the hell hold have those Israeli lunatics got over the rest of the world???
    They must have some VERY damaging information or have the world by the nuts in some other way
    ...cos i cannot fathom exactly what benefit they've been to anyone but themselves!

    And now the fuckers are endangering not only innocents in Iran, but those of us in the entire WORLD!

    ...Russia and China have publicly and repeatedly said they would attack the West if Israel or the USA strikes Iran...repeatedly.

    So that means a nuclear, biological and chemical world war..plus radio and directed energy weapons.

    Look at your families, look at your children and wonder what men and women they might have grown up to become, because unless the warmongering madmen and women running Israel are stopped and stopped soon...your kids probably won't be getting very much older.

  • Torvam#

    Torvam wrote September 11, 2012 10:47:43 PM CEST

    Isto quer dizer que Israel possui a Bomba Atômica .......

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