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Japan Issues Travel Alert For Europe Due To Terror Threat

Japan Issues Travel Alert For Europe Due To Terror Threat

May 23, 2011 - Beta model If you have difficulties accessing our login kind beneath, you can go to our login page.

Japan's Foreign Ministry issued a travel alert on Monday for Japanese nationals living or travelling in Europe, warning of "possible terrorist attacks" by al-Qaeda and affiliated teams.

The warning followed an alert from Washington, which explained attackers could use "a range of means and weapons and target both official and non-public interests" in Europe.

France and Britain immediately voiced assist for the US security statement, which mentioned "latest information suggests that al-Qaeda and affiliated organisations carry on to strategy terrorist attacks."

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The Japanese alert urges its citizens living or travelling in Europe to exercise total caution at feasible assault targets, such as federal government and police services, public transportation systems and vacationer spots.

The US alert - which the State Department issued relating to particular events, and is one phase down from a entire travel warning - adopted intelligence reports that suggested an al-Qaeda attack could be imminent.

"European governments have taken action to guard towards a terrorist assault and some have spoken publicly about the heightened threat problems," the State Department said.

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