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Leicester couple pelted by raining yellow plastic balls

Leicester couple pelted by raining yellow plastic balls

August 23, 2012 - The Met Office mentioned it was possible for weather systems to lift items such as dust and deposit them numerous miles away.

In January it was reported that 3cm diameter blue balls came raining down during a hailstorm in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Theories on what the balls could have been included crystals employed in floral displays or ammunition for a toy gun.

'Heck, what is happening?' On Sunday Mrs Scott said she had gone inside after she heard thunder while she was painting outdoors.

"Abruptly all these tiny tiny, bright yellow balls came down with the rain, and they were hitting the car, hitting the garage door, and shooting at me," the 70-year-old stated.

"I looked outdoors and all over the lawn had been all these yellow balls. And it was completely pelting down.

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Raining tiny yellow plastic balls

Could it actually rain apples? A husband and wife have been left puzzled after hundreds of tiny yellow plastic balls rained in their garden. Dylis Scott and her husband Tony were in their garage on Monica Road, Leicester, on Sunday when the balls fell from the sky during a storm. Mrs Scott said they started hitting the car and garage door and...

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