Little African reptoid which looks like superhero Spider-Man!

Superhero Lizard African Markings

A Brazilian photographer has snapped an African lizard clinging to a rock in a pose which is uncannily identical to Spiderman and far more shy than the superhero himself.

The lizard’s remarkable red and blue markings are strikingly equivalent to the suit worn by the crime-fighting, web-weaving daredevil spiderman and its distinctive red and blue markings make it a dead ringer for the internet-slinging superhero.

The colourful super-creature was captured on camera by photographer Cassio Lopes on a trip to the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya with his wife Alessandra, the Daily Mail reported.

The shy lizard was spotted warming up in the sun but darted away as soon as Lopes started shooting ( via ).

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