London's new airport plans look like an alien mothership

Airport London Plans Gensler

Futuristic-style plans for what could be London's new airport have been unveiled - and they're certainly out of this world.

A global architecture firm has released it vision for the 'Boris Island' airport in the Thames Estuary.

According to the Daily Mail, the London Britannia Airport, designed by Gensler, would include four floating runways tethered to the sea bed.

New runways could be floated in as required, allowing for future expansion, accommodating up to six landing strips.

Passenger terminals would be located on the land, located to the north and south of the estuary, with a third central London terminal proposed between Canary Wharf and the Olympic Park; all would be connected to London by a high-speed rail link.

London Mayor Boris has been famously in favour of a Thames island airport, now dubbed "Boris Island".

Gensler submitted the plans in a bid to be considered as the designers for any future airport that may be built.

Government ministers have been under pressure to approve a third runway at Heathrow, but have said a decision will not be taken before the next general election ( via ).