MSNBC: The Greatest 'Conspiracy Theories' of All Time

Apollo UFO Conspiracy Faked

Just in time for the season premiere Heritage Channel's Decoded, we have rounded up some of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time -- from JFK's assassination to Roswell's UFO. So prepare your self for some minimal paranoia as we analyze the events that have sparked their quite very own conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy idea: NASA faked the moon landings

If you ask some conspiracy theorists, they will inform you Neil Armstrong's famed "giant leap" is a lot more like a leap of religion. Yep, more than forty years right after U.S. astronauts stepped foot on the moon, space skeptics nevertheless feel that NASA faked the lunar landing. Conspiracy theorists point to pictures and films of the 1968 landing as proof of an elaborate hoax and say the American flag appears to be flapping in the breeze on the moon's airless surface. Skeptics also point to the Apollo 11 archive's lacking transcripts and blueprints as proof of a faked mission ( via ).