Machine dated at 400 million years found in Russia

Peninsula Historical Russia Tigil

RUSSIA. In the remote Kamchatka peninsula (map beneath), two hundred km from Tigil, College of St. Petersburg archaeologists found a odd fossil. The authenticity of the find has been accredited. In accordance archaeologist Yuri Golubev, occurs that, in this situation the discovery surprised experts by its nature, at the very least - unusual, in a position to change historical past (or pre-historical past).

It is not the first time that is an artifact, an historical object, one thing like this is identified in that region. But, surprisingly conserved, this certain artifact is - at first glance, inlaid in rock (which is understandable since the peninsula is property to many volcanoes). Subjected to examination, the conjunct confirmed to be made of metal parts that seem to be to kind a mechanism, a gear which may be of a form of watch or laptop or computer. The astonishing is that all the items ended up dated in four hundred million! of anos.Yury Gobulev commented:

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