Madonna: Superbowl 'Throne Message' of the Dark Occult

Rune Runes Letters Chair

The American’s who are awake and aware something was not right about Super Bowl 2012′s Half Time Show, were right. Many people watched the Half Time Show and said it was really creative. Those who were awake were immediately disturbed by the performance. The people who watched it and defended the performance passionately, well I have a quote for you:

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” – Aristotle

What I have discovered is another connection, from the chair Madonna, was carried in on, at the beginning of the Half Time performance. There were letters and (2) symbols spray painted across the chair. You get a clear view when she stands up from the chair and the letters and the symbols are in full view. One person has already stated the last letter is an “A”, my response is why a draw an “A” like this? Because it was a dual symbol. This is why the “A” was not completed, because it also represents symbols.

Notice the way she poses so the viewers will focus on the runes. They no longer look like letters do they? It appears she is presenting them to the audience.

Take note of the construction of the “A” it was drawn in this manner to serve a dual purpose as a rune.

Before we review the letters on the chair I would like to address the rune on the banner over Madonna’s head. You can see this at the very beginning of the “show”. It is the 19th rune called, “Ehwaz” (pronounced “eee-wazz”) and it represents “transportation”. It may represent a horse, car, plane, boat or other vehicle. I originally missed this and I stumbled upon a site called, it was here I realized I missed a rune!

Apparently, a researcher named Deckard, is on the heels of decoding more so-called “conincidences”. Anyway, let’s get back to the 19th rune! Ehwaz facilitates “soul travel” or the shaman’s journey. As such it can be used to obtained hidden knowledge or knowledge from a distance. Who is the soul to be traveling? It is also the rune for slow or stalled progress, restlessness, needing assistance, unachievable ideals or goals, reckless haste, disharmony, mistrust, betrayal, misalliances. – Source

In plain view is another rune and the average viewer is unaware of why it is there

According to Chaldean Numerology, the number 19, is regarded as fortunate and extremely favorable. It is symbolized as “the Sun” and is called “the Prince of Heaven.” It is a number promising happiness, success, esteem and honor and promises success in one’s plan for the future. -Source What was the rational for spray painting the letters and symbols across the chair? It definitely did not compliment the gold throne she was seated. In fact, it had the appearance of vandalism! After careful research I was able to discover, these symbols represent runes. I am not an expert on runes; but, I was able to draw some interesting connections, between the ritual and Whitney Houston’s death. I deconstructed the image, Madonna highlighted, by her frozen pose.

Runes are letters used in the earliest Germanic and Nordic alphabets. It’s a modification of Roman or Greek characters and was used from about the third century. From a purely linguistic perspective, runes are simply a form of writing, but as this writing expanded throughout Scandinavia and made its way to Britain, the meanings of many of the runes acquired a quasi-magical significance.

I was surprised to see one of the runes, was in fact, the eleventh rune. Many other researchers, have found the occult number eleven, surrounding the death of (who was born on the 9th and died on the 11th: 9-11) Whitney Houston. We will circle back to this later. The first rune you see is called “GYFU” (pronounced gee-foo) and it is used in offering rituals. The question is what was being offered? Well to figure this out let’s take a look at the rune’s slogan:

A gift requires a gift in return as I receive so do I provide.. ( via ).