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Malaysia Flight MH370: A New Philadelphia Experiment?

Malaysia Flight MH370: A New Philadelphia Experiment?

March 27, 2014 - The Boeing 777-200 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 00.41 a.m. (16.40 GMT Friday) of last Saturday, with destination Beijing, and went off the radar at 1:30 a.m. It had disappeared into the sky, with 239 passengers traveling aboard.

While dozens of ships and planes are still looking for the remains of the airplane, some disturbing hypothesis assume that flight MH370 may have been intentionally diverted as it formed part of a military experiment.

A secret trial behind flight MH370

The Freescale Semiconductor company located in Texas, launched a high-tech electronic weaponry (EW), which is specifically designed to "cloak" aircrafts. 20 experts from the company were among the passengers of the Malaysian flight, a fact that has arisen multiple conspiracy theories.

According to this, the case of flight MH370 has some similarities with that of the destroyer USS Eldridge, on 28 October, 1943. The Philadelphia Experiment was the supposed secret operation carried out by the U.S. Navy in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania). This mythical event involved the disappearance of an entire naval vessel during a radar-cloaking test.

The black list of aviation

On 31 October 1999, the EgyptAir flight 990 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on a route from New York to Cairo, killing 217 passengers and crew. Years later, the US National Transportation Safety Board concluded that the co-pilot el-Batouty intentionally brought the plane down in a suicide bid. He had just been reprimanded for sexual misconduct, and when the chief of the airline's pilot group warned him that this would be his "last flight", el-Batouty replied: "this is the last flight for you too." "I rely on God", he said before forcing the plane in free fall.

The Air France flight 447 from Rio to Paris sank mysteriously in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on June 1, 2009, with 228 people aboard. Five days later, rescuers found some remains of the wreck, but the black boxes were recovered from the bottom of the ocean two years later.

The US Airways 427 flight from Chicago to Pittsburgh exploded in the air in 1999, some minutes before landing.132 passengers died this time. It took four years to figure out that the tragedy was due to a mechanical failure.

On December 21,1988, the PanAm flight 103, with destination New York, exploded over Scotland after a terrorist attack, killing all 243 passengers. It is presumed that the pilots had no time to send an emergency signal. Security experts from Malaysia stated that the lost flight MH370 has some similarities with the PanAm crash, as it has not ruled out a hijacking.

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Flight MH370

After an agonizing wait of 17 days by relatives of the 239 passengers and crew members on the fate of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, the Malaysian Government has finally received evidence on 24 March 2014 that their national carrier, Flight MH370 has crashed into the remote corner of the Indian Ocean.

Malaysia: 'We will never give up search for missing flight MH370' video

Malaysia's transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein updates the media on Wednesday with the latest developments in the search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Hishammuddin says new satellite images show 122 potential objects 1,588 miles from Perth. The international search effort is continuing with Australia at the helm and Malaysia operating...

What Malaysia Airlines is doing for MH370 families

The Text Message sent by Malaysia Airline to MH370 Families Today

What Malaysia Airlines is doing for MH370 families

Flight MH370 search continues off Australia

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    Considering that the same celestial elite group whom the land governments have feared for so long took that plane .. And that the Philadelphia Experiment is simply proof that inner dimensional transit exist, even thought their failed attempted ended tragically .. And considering that the same satanic celestials who have oppressed mainstream with such an imbalanced monetary system are the same ones who used their advanced celestial technology to trick their way even into the trust of celestials who were guardians of the earth … and the same ones whose monetary system supported the crushing greed of banksters … supported chemical poisoning and GMO poisoning of mainstream foods and vitamins … the chemicals that has weakened and sickened mainstream via contaminated vaccines and medicines ..

    And when considering that the diabolical celestials who took the plane would be among the same ones who instigate wars and religion unrest, walked without fear of the law in human trafficking, drug distributions, pedophilia and all manner of crimes against humanity … considering the TRUTH that the faces of the satanic whom so many yet wait to show themselves has been in control of this world from behind the veil for such a long time .. and considering that the alien invasion that so many fear is near at had .. are actually the good guys finally breaking through … when you consider all this that minds have been blindsided to .. you find peace in knowing all of this is out of mainstream’s physical hands … as we watch to see just how all thing plays out …

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