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Marvin Gaye Album Cover predicts the future?

Marvin Gaye Album Cover predicts the future?

October 10, 2012 - Keep in mind the album came out in 1981:

1. World Trade Center is blown up - 9/11

2. Houses are flooded - Hurricane Katrina

3. Tanks - war

4. Nuclear plants - pollution

5. Protesters - Occupy or possibly a future protest

6. UFO's coming out of the sky - maybe in our future

7. Duality checkered table cloth - elite symbolism

8. Earth split in half?? - Devil looks to have the larger part of Earth

What do you think?

The album is titled: In our Lifetime?

Larger version:


  • WesTCo@sT#

    WesTCo@sT wrote October 15, 2012 8:54:09 PM CEST

    What about the NUCLEAR MISSLE in the sky, the fact the ground is all broken up like an EARTHQUAKE, crazy stormclouds like FLASH FLOODS or HURRICANES, the large tidal wave like a TSUNAMI, the large what seems to be a electric tower of some kind or RADIO TELESCOPE in the background listening to outer space. Now I dont see the protestors anywhere that you mentioned but what I do see are GIANTS 4 of them standing along side of the house in the forefront and take note that they're as tall as a 2 story house which is also whats said about the return of the Annunaki of which were a race of giants. The fact that the Angel Marvin Gaye (total of 2 on the side of good the DOVE & Marvin Gaye) is out numbered by the Evil Marvin Gaye 2 against 3 count it (EVIL Marvin Gaye, WINGED SERPANT & BAT), checkered flag representing the FINISH LINE to the race we're all in for survival and eternal life. Odd though that it would have Marvin Gaye sitting a top there because of the true fact that Marvin Gaye was murdered by his own Father over the fact (this is not a joke) that Marvin Gaye was really GAY or HOMOSEXUAL & his Dad was greatly bothered by this. He ended up shooting is Son to death and subsequently only received 5 years probabtion for involuntary manslaughter. The title is creepy "In Our Lifetime," because so far everything in this albums artwork has happened just about and the other thing is Marvins not depicted to be in Heaven due to his being GAY.

  • Rongorenode#

    Rongorenode wrote October 10, 2012 7:56:09 PM CEST

    Yes -very interesting and wonder if we are not nearing the end time but actually in the end time. Makes you think!

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