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Matt Damon on the need for Disobedience to the State

Matt Damon on the need for Disobedience to the State

November 22, 2013 - Matt Damon speaks for just 5 minutes, but packs in a lot of truth, truth that so many people around the world, and especially in the 'Western world' need to hear NOW.

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Matt Damon Reads Howard Zinn Speech With Conviction

It should not come as a surprise that after Russell Brand called for "a socialist egalitarian system" as part of the plan he said he does not have, others soon would follow. Whether or not Matt Damon reading aloud a speech of Howard Zinn has legs remains to be seen, but the same signs of celebrity worship are present, and sad.

Matt Damon: 'I'd Eat My Shoe If Jeb Could Name a Bush That Ever Even Walked Into a Public School'

As NewsBusters reported, former Florida governor Jeb Bush pounded public school activist Matt Damon in August for putting his kids in private school. Damon gave CNN's Jake Tapper a rather lame excuse for this in an online segment of their interview Friday while claiming, "I'd eat my shoe if he could name a Bush that ever even walked into a public...

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