Mayan Light Beam Photo: Message from Gods, or iPhone Glitch?

Mayan Light Beam Iphone

When Hector Siliezar visited the historic Mayan metropolis of Chichen Itza with his spouse and youngsters in 2009, he snapped three iPhone photographs of El Castillo, a pyramid that once served as a sacred temple to the Mayan god Kukulkan. A thunderstorm was brewing close to the temple, and Siliezar was making an attempt to capture lightning crackling drastically over the ruins.

In the first two images, dark clouds loom above the pyramid, but nothing at all is amiss. Even so, in the third picture, a effective beam of light seems to shoot up from the pyramid towards the heavens, and a thunderbolt flashes in the background.

Siliezar, who just lately shared his images with occult investigators, instructed that he and his family did not see the light beam in man or woman it appeared only on digicam. "It was wonderful!" he said. He showed the iPhone photo to his fellow travelers. "No one, not even the tour guide, had ever noticed everything like it ahead of."

The picture has surfaced on several Mayan doomsday discussion forums. But was the light beam a sign from the gods — a warning about Dec. 21, 2012, the date that marks the conclude of the Mayan calendar cycle, and when some individuals concern the planet will stop? Or is it basically the consequence of an iPhone glitch? [See picture]

According to Jonathon Hill, a research technician and mission planner at the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University, which operates several of the cameras used in the course of NASA's Mars missions, it is almost undoubtedly the latter. Hill functions with pictures of the Martian surface area taken by rovers and satellites, as properly as data from Earth-orbiting NASA instruments, and is totally versed in the extensive range of likely image artifacts and gear glitches ( via ).