Mesolithic shamanistic meteorite talisman unearthed

Meteorite Object Archaeologists Magic

Archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology (IAE) in Szczecin, Poland, have discovered a meteorite fragment inside the remains of a hut dating back more than 9,000 years at Bolków by Lake Świdwie in Western Pomerania.

“The meteorite was brought to the shelter as a special object, as not of this world, which must have been obvious to the contemporary men, knowledgeable of stone raw materials. The thing became an object of belief, and maybe even shamanic magic” – explained Prof. Tadeusz Galiński of IAE, head of the research project.

The archaeologists also excavated a rich assemblage of objects with a spiritual association: an amulet, a bone spear tip with engraved decoration and so-called magic wand made of antler, decorated with geometric motifs.

In addition to the remains of the hut, which contained the meteorite, archaeologists discovered a second, almost identical structure. In both of them, within the peat layer, were the preserved traces of hearths.

Excavations in Bolków have been ongoing for several years. The meteorite discovery was made during last year’s work, but only now, thanks to further detailed studies, were they able to conclusively determine the origin of the unusual object ( via ).

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