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Morgellons not caused by infectious agent, CDC researchers

Morgellons not caused by infectious agent, CDC researchers

January 27, 2012 - It truly is official: Morgellons disease isn't really brought on by an infectious agent, federal scientists say.

A lengthy-awaited study, released Wednesday by the journal PLoS ONE, may possibly be a disappointment for those who have referred to as for far more consciousness and recognition of Morgellons -- in which sufferers complain of crawling, itching thoughts and of little specks and filaments sticking out of sores on their skin.

Scientists from the U.S. Centers for Ailment Control and Prevention identified that, of sufferers studied, 59% had cognitive deficits of some sort, and 63% had evidence of "clinically significant somatic grievances."

People unusual coloured filaments and specks? Largely just bits of cotton and nylon fibers from apparel, the authors concluded. They could have gotten caught in the sores in relation to the constant scratching of the skin.

The researchers cannot say what just triggers Morgellons, but the final results do drop in line with an Archives of Dermatology study described last yr in a Times report, in which findings by Mayo Clinic scientists indicated that Morgellons disease may be better described by a mental condition identified as "delusional parasitosis."

Not that this will necessarily deter men and women who believe they have a bodily infection of some type, The Times' post on last year's investigation goes on to show. And the ailment has been vouched for by huge names way too -- such as Joni Mitchell, who advised The Instances that she suffers from Morgellons as well.

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