Mysterious Manuscript's Code Has Been Cracked

Manuscript Latvala Hundreds Ketola

Published in "alien" characters, illustrated with sketches, and dating back again hundreds of many years, the Voynich Manuscript has puzzled cryptographers, historians and bibliophiles for hundreds of years.

And now the mystery has ultimately arrive to an conclude, in accordance to a businessman from Finland named Viekko Latvala, a self described "prophet of god," who claims he has decoded the book and unlocked the secrets and techniques of the world's most mysterious manuscript. 

Latvala's organization affiliate, Ari Ketola instructed the that means of the crazy characters he described as "sonic waves and vocal syllables."

"The ebook is a daily life perform and scientific publication of medication that would be even now beneficial today," Ketola stated. "The writer was a scientist of vegetation, pharmacy, astrology and astronomy. It contains ... prophesy for some decades and hundreds of a long time ahead from the time it was designed."

In other words, the Voynich Manuscript -- which is presently held by Yale University's Beincke Uncommon Ebook and Manuscript Library in New Haven, Conn. -- is an herbological tome, something the author utilised to keep monitor of vegetation and their utilizes for possibly scientific or health care applications. And a prophecy.

Latvala presented the following translation of plant 16152, which he stated can be found these days in Ethiopia:

"The title of the flower is Heart of Fire.

It helps make the skin gorgeous when manufactured as an ointment.

The oil is pressed from the buds.

This ointment is utilised for the wrinkles.

Is appropriate for the kidneys and the head,

as the flower helps prevent inflammations, is antibiotic.

Plant is 10 centimeters by its peak.

It grows on very hot and dry slants.

The plant is brilliant green by its color."

So how could Latvala decode a manuscript that even now dumbfounds the world's top cryptographers? It's basic. You just have to have a immediate line to God.

"Mr. Latvala explained that no one particular 'normal human' can decode it, since there is no code or approach to study this text, it is a channel language of prophecy," Ketola instructed ( via ).

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