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Mystery object in sky captivates locals in Pike County

Mystery object in sky captivates locals in Pike County
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October 20, 2012 - An unidentified flying object was reportedly seen in several areas of Pike County on Tuesday, but officials have no information as to what the object may have been.

State Police Trooper Shaun Little told the News-Express that KSP Post 9 in Pikeville received five calls on Tuesday reporting the object in the sky. The object was visible from several areas, including the South Williamson area and Elkhorn City in Pike County, as well as Jenkins in Letcher County. It was also spotted and photographed in Virgie.

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  • Malogg#

    Malogg wrote October 20, 2012 8:24:21 PM CEST

    looks Hell of a like the reflection of fish tank lights through a window ahahaha :P

  • Knownawareness#

    Knownawareness wrote October 20, 2012 5:12:14 PM CEST

    Because balloons fly away and it was said to be moving no more than 10 degrees and said to be higher than a airliners cruising altitude. It was filmed with a 8" telescope with 150x magnification. Learn to spell and do not be so rude. I am not American but I do not care for your tone. You claim to know but you are unable to link anyone to an example. Please look at the facts and the video before you spout your tripe. RC Toys could not fly higher than PLANES. Balloons would not stay in one place inside 10 degrees confirmed with an Astronomical Telescope. Lame Petterste just lame.

  • Lilphilog#

    Lilphilog wrote October 20, 2012 5:09:06 PM CEST

    @petterste Man you can't even speak proper English, just shut the fuck up. If you hate Americans so much then why are you on an american website ? Fuck off you dumb ass foreigner!!! I guess your hating on the USA because you envy our country lol what a dickhead.

  • Petterste#

    Petterste wrote October 20, 2012 4:06:26 PM CEST

    How can it be that your dumb ass amerikans dont see that it is an gasfilled cellofanballoon?
    how can you even consider this to be an ufo?
    No wonder you are recond as the dumbest morons on the planet..
    Chineselights, led on ballons, rc toys ec. arent from space...not from space
    All this videos from America and mexio makes me wonder if cases like rosweldt even has any cred any more, this people makes an big fuzz for every balloon and lazerpen they see
    The only credible cases there is are those form europa7scandinavia7russia , people there still god theyrs brain intakt

  • Vonwiesner#

    Vonwiesner wrote October 20, 2012 1:05:46 PM CEST

    These are holograms projected from space. Think about those "secret payloads" on the space shuttle missions. Holographic technology has been kept secret and not used except for the occasional curiosity display, and we all know that government is always looking for new way to lie to and deceive the people for power grabs. Question everything.

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