Mystery of 100,000 Dead Fish on Arkansas River Bank

River Fish Financial Institutions

Over 100,000 fish have been found washed up on the river financial institutions on a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River, close to Ozark.

Officials are looking into the eerie occurring but specialists feel that disease is most probably to be the trigger.

The drum fish had been found by a tug boat operator on Thursday - a day just before thousands of blackbirds fell from the sky only 125 miles absent, in Little Rock.

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Drum fish: Some 100,000 of the species ended up discovered lining the financial institutions of the Arkansas River

David Cost, who spotted the fish from his parents' Roseville house, located on the financial institutions of the river, pointed and said: 'Over from down the following at the bottom of the rocks, out probably forty or fifty ft, there were just thousands of fish alongside the shorebanks all the way about the river right here.

'This is kind of amazing because the the fish have been about a pound and a half a piece.'

Travis Harmon of the Department of Environmental High quality mentioned: 'Barges noted passing up river and churning up dead fish from the bottom of the river ( via ).