NASA Mars mission a one-way trip! Any volunteers?

Mars Settlers Earth Afp

Humans could be sent to Mars to try to colonise the world, without the opportunity of ever before returning home.

The settlers would be sent provides from Earth but would go on the comprehending that it would be way too costly to deliver them home / AFP Source: AFP

The settlers would be sent supplies from Earth but would go on the knowing that it would be too pricey to deliver them house.

NASA uncovered that it had already received more than $1 million to start work on the project at its Ames Research Centre in California.

Centre director Pete Worden, who claimed individuals could be residing on Mars by 2030 in spite of the inhospitable situations, mentioned: "The human space program is now aimed at settling other worlds.

"20 years in the past you had to whisper that in dim bars or get fired."

Mr Worden instructed a convention in San Francisco that he had discussed with Google co-founder Larry Webpage the possible for one-way journeys to Mars ( via ).

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