NASA to Announce New Discovery by Hubble Space Telescope

Space Hubble Agency Telescope

The space agency has scheduled a teleconference with reporters for 1 p.m. EST (1800 GMT) on Wednesday to announce and examine the finding, which will also be published that day in the journal Nature.

"Astronomers have pushed the Hubble Space Telescope to its limitations and have observed even more again in time than actually ahead of," NASA said in an announcement posted on its internet site today (Jan. 21).

Sound of the teleconference will be streamed reside on the space agency's internet site, according to NASA's announcement. The briefing coincides with research that will be released by the science journal Nature on Wednesday, the space agency said.

The Hubble Space Telescope, a joint work amongst NASA and the European Space Agency, launched in April 1990. In the two many years since, Hubble has revolutionized the way humanity views the cosmos ( via ).

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