New Year's UFOs: MUFON Reports Pour in from Across Country

UFO Item Year

Reports of UFOs submitted with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) are off to a healthful commence in 2012 in this review of selected cases submitted January 1 with MUFON's global witness reporting database.

The 1st UFO reports covering equally New Year's Eve and the early morning hours hours of New Year's Day are reviewed in: 2012: Initial UFO reports describe red spheres over South Carolina, Virginia. An update on month to month UFO alerts is available here: National UFO Alert: Alabama rises to maximum reporting state.

A New Mexico witness traveling property from a New Year's Eve celebration reports a "green-white UFO touring north at an extremely hard pace" in Situation 34446.

"The item appeared to be comet like, in that it had a tail," the witness stated. "The item emitted a glow all around by itself that was brighter than all the objects all around it. I was facing west as I witnessed the item transferring north. The item traveled about a quarter of a mile north (from when I spotted it) and then it turned west, with the tail curving as well. The actions of the object had been easy and precise. The object, which was traveling incredibly rapidly, made no sounds.

"Following the item turned west I viewed it as it pale from sight in the distance. The item was about four hundred ft in front of me and was about 200 toes in the air. The item, in reference to road lights, was large simply because it was the exact same dimensions as the streetlight (which I was about three car lengths absent from) even although the object was about 400 toes absent from the light. Although I was watching the object I thought for a moment that it could be a missile of some kind, but the item was round, glowed greenish white, and made no noise."

Witnesses in California watched three orbs cross the sky on New Year's Eve in Situation 34447. California witnesses in the vicinity of Clearlake driving along Route fifty three report watching "two sets of three red-orange lights" in Circumstance 34449.

And on New Year's Day in California, a red-orange object is noticed over Napa Valley in Case 34474.

"From the north arrived a yellowish, red glowing light," the witness said. "I fly and know what an airplane looks like in the dim. I called my wife out to look as this light started to slowly, silently make a switch to the west and again north, then end to hover about two,000 ft high. I had good reference points by the hill tops. There ended up no other plane lights in the sky at that level. One thing appeared to drip from the craft, red in shade, and stayed lit halfway to floor. 2nd drip was a lot less bright. Craft a couple of seconds later - lights went out as craft fell from sky. About one,000 feet underneath marking lights of, an plane appeared heading west. Lights of this aircraft diverse than other folks I have witnessed becoming spaced effectively apart. Two outer in red with four white colored amongst them. No sounds."

A Florida witness at Tampa reports "two twinkling star-like objects hovering in the sky on New Year's Eve in Circumstance 34450.

"I looked to the south-southwest about 170-176 levels and noticed a star-like item just barley over the treetops," the witness mentioned. "First I thought I was viewing items simply because I just received off operate and I was exhausted. So I rubbed my eyes a couple of times and it was nonetheless there. Slowly but barley hovering to left and right. Also up and down. It was twinkling white colored, blue and green. It moved up higher behind the tree line later on on. It was there for two several hours in that common vicinity. I looked in the direction of the southwest and saw an additional star-like object twinkling in a amberish/red shade. It was undertaking the same factors. There ended up inbound plane in the area, but they did not transfer or search like this item did."

Also on New Year's Eve in Florida at Cocoa Beach, witnesses report a "rocket sort" object coming from the ocean in Case 34472.

"Around four miles absent in a south course in the region of Patrick Air Drive Base we noticed a brilliant red/yellow light that appeared to search like a rocket shoot up from the area of the ocean front (Atlantic)," the reporting witness stated. "The item at very first went up at a forty five diploma angle heading west. At very first we thought it may be a flair, but we recognized the item getting higher in altitude and gaining pace. Dwelling in the Cocoa Beach front region and near NASA we have observed all sorts of rockets and shuttles lunch. The item we observed made no audio, no military escort, which they typically do have when lunched from NASA. The item continued to obtain altitude and headed west until finally it was out of sight."

Also on New Year's Eve in Florida, witnesses report a red-orange ball of light hovering in Situation 34470.

"It appeared to be hovering in the sky to the proper of Orion's Belt in the western sky," the witness mentioned. "I then located Jupiter, Mars, Sirius and Betelgeuse, the brightest objects I could believe of. This item was none of them. I by no means took my eyes off of the item. I wanted to know what this thing was. We ended up touring north at approximately ten mph. The object seemed to be relocating very gradually to the south ( via ).

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