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New radar video footage of the "Baltic Sea Anomaly" released

New radar video footage of the "Baltic Sea Anomaly" released
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November 29, 2012 - Dennis Aasberg of the Ocean X Team just released new radar video footage (see below) of the "Baltic Sea Anomaly".

His latest comment on his Facebook page was "we have been down with the ROV 30 hours ... all I can say it is not normal."

This is the last official update on their dive explorations copied from the Open X Team website:


Last expedition 2012

The Ocean X Team went on their last expedition 8-14 September. The weather was too bad to be able to carry through any of the planed actions at the circle anomaly. The time at sea were spent on searching wrecks instead. Despite the rough sea the team managed to survey an area of 28 Km² of the sea floor. The team came across some interesting hitswhich have to wait till next year before the team will be able to investigate closer what they might have found this time.

Further investigation of the circle anomaly is still desirable since more questions have risen instead of being answered at the expeditions this summer, 2012.


  • danwiberg9#

    danwiberg9 wrote December 1, 2012 1:05:53 AM CET

    Top video. The music was distracting and gay.
    I gett better sonar from my Humming Bird fish finder.

    I still say it is a Russian Novgorod Ironclad. The hull rusted away and this is the concrete ballast upside down.
    The holes were for sea chests. Sea chest - a hole in the hull that attached to a pump, Often rectangular in shape but shape varied because of hull design.

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