No longer just theories: The top 10 conspiracy facts of 2011

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2011 was the year in which a lot of conspiracy "theories" turned conspiracy FACTS. Content articles that used to gain you a tinfoil hat designation abruptly ended up front-page news tales throughout the country. The planet is stranger than we can envision, it would seem, and 2011 proved it nevertheless once more.

The following are the leading ten conspiracy facts that emerged about the last year:

#1 - Obama admits U.S. authorities utilized Guatemalan prisoners for illegal health care experiments

When we subjected the U.S. government's lengthy list of health-related crimes towards humanity back in 2006, the mainstream press was silent ( Men and women insisted the government was moral and straightforward, and it could never ever be involved in crimes against humanity. (ROFL!) When the truth came out about Guatemalan prisoner experiments, however, it went viral so quickly the mainstream press couldn't whitewash the story.

So now, the complete entire world understands the U.S. authorities and its National Institutes of Health (NIH) are health-related criminals that murder innocent human beings in order to research new medications for Massive Pharma:

#2 - FDA caught making use of KGB-design infiltration and spying methods to entrap raw milk distribution hub

It is legal to promote unpasteurized orange juice in The usa as prolonged as you put a label on it, but selling unpasteurized milk earns you the "KGB treatment" from the FDA and the California Dept. of Agriculture, equally of which have turn into criminal gangs working vindictive vengeance campaigns in opposition to target innocents. NaturalNews broke the story of how the FDA utilized spy cameras, secret infiltration tactics and other traps to get proof before raiding Rawesome Foods at gunpoint, then destroying $fifty,000+ in foodstuff in entrance of astonished witnesses.

In nevertheless an additional investigative story that NaturalNews broke in 2011, we dug into the funding resources of the Institute of Medication and found out it gets enormous financial support from the Pentagon, military defense contractors and many globalist companies that profit from war. No surprise the IOM encourages vaccines so aggressively -- it is a war versus humanity, waged one syringe at a time. Go through much more:

#4 - USDA caught jogging animal mass murder plans to destroy birds and mammals

To the shock of numerous, the USDA was subjected this year for operating mass-murder plans that target animals this kind of as birds, foxes, wild pigs and other creatures. This is mainly completed with mass poisoning chemical compounds that also finish up killing other animals this kind of as Bald Eagles.

Mention "climate control technological innovation" to your regular fluoride head, and they believe you are some kind of "wingnut" conspiracy theorist. However weather conditions control engineering is in entire operation just external Abu Dhabi, exactly where a huge array of damaging ion generators make synthetic rain storms that dump millions of gallons of fresh drinking water on the desert landscape:

Let there be no question about how dangerous, corrosive and even deadly these dangerous fluoride chemicals genuinely are. Alex Jones and the InfoWars crew grabbed undercover h2o fluoridation online video in Austin, Texas, and posted it on the net. What's admitted on the online video really should be stunning to every person:

#seven - Paperwork demonstrate Dr. Wakefield was innocent, BMJ conspired to discredit him

In a turn of events that has nevertheless to be acknowledged by the mainstream press, Dr. Andrew Wakefield was proven innocent of the spurious fees leveled towards him. Documents demonstrate that he did not fabricate his research as was claimed by the healthcare journals and the mainstream media, such as CNN. In truth, the accusation alone was the true criminal fabrication.

See this story to discover more (and view the video clip):

There is absolutely nothing really like GMOs to gradual-destroy an whole nation. You get increased infertility, organ toxicity and runaway environmental contamination, as well. In 2011, the USDA went all out on attacking the entire world with GMOs, unleashing each GE alfalfa and GE corn on the U.S. public:

In 2011, the mainstream press went crazy reporting trace amounts of arsenic in apple juice, but it never bothered to report on the considerably greater concentrations of arsenic identified in chicken meat. Our NaturalNews story on arsenic discovered in chicken meat obtained a whopping 78,000 Fb shares in 2011, creating it one of our best-shared tales of the year:

Dr. Maurice Hilleman's secret vaccine recording emerged in 2011, triggering shockwaves of disbelief to pass on across the web as men and women heard this Merck scientist laughing it up with other scientists as they joked about all the individuals who would die from cancer tumors following taking vaccine photographs. You can listen to the recording your self on NaturalNews.Television. Simply click this link for particulars:

Watch for a lot more conspiracy facts to emerge in 2012. NaturalNews will carry on to bring you people reports reports in a timely method.

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