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North Korea Has Allegedly Tested Nuclear Warheads For Iran

North Korea Has Allegedly Tested Nuclear Warheads For Iran

March 4, 2012 - What is one sure factor sure to set triggerhappy warmonger fingers in the US and Israel on Defcon 1 much more than the term Iran? The phrases Iran and North Korea. How about three nouns that will send crude soaring by at minimum $10 the second a CL investing algo sees them fly across Bloomberg? Attempt "Iran" "North Korea" and "Nukes." And if the adhering to report just released by the Wiener Zeitung is even remotely correct, then Israel, the military industrial complex, and crude are all about to go ballistic, not necessarily in that order. 

In accordance to one of Europe's most famous newspapers, which in turn references a report in Welt am Sontag, North Korea has performed at least two nuclear warhead tests in 2010, of which was on behalf of Iran. "This could imply that with North Korea's help Tehran may already have a examined nuclear warhead....In accordance to the newspaper "Welt am Sonntag", this assumption is primarily based on info from the Organization of the agreement for the Extensive Nuclear Examination Ban. Appropriately, the Swedish nuclear physicist Lars-Erik De Geer makes use of information from monitoring stations in South Korea, Japan and Russia and believes that North Korea instead of uranium, employed plutonium in two prior secret exams as far back as in 2006 and 2009." What is striking right here is the effluvience of meaningless innuendo and baseless allegations.

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