Obama Issues National State of Emergency over Libya

Order Obama Government Qaddafi

President Obama issued an government order Friday evening that imposes quick sanctions on Libyan ruler Muammar al Qaddafi, his sons and his accomplices in the slaughter of civilians. In a letter accompanying the order, Obama declared a national unexpected emergency over the situation.

"I have identified that the steps of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, his federal government, and close associates, including intense measures against the men and women of Libya, represent an unconventional and remarkable threat to the national security and foreign coverage of the United States. The order declares a national emergency to deal with this risk," Obama wrote in the letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

The government order alone condemns the "wanton violence versus unarmed associates" perpetrated by Qaddafi, his sons, his government, and his close associates. Effective immediately, all U.S.-based mostly assets of Qaddafi and his four sons are to be frozen and transactions meant to move individuals belongings are prohibited. The order allows the actions to be expanded to consist of any member of the Libyan government who are established to be complicit in Qaddafi's brutality.

In a individual statement issued by the White House at the very same time as the order, Obama referenced what he referred to as the Libyan government's continued violation of human rights, brutalization of its individuals, and outrageous threats ( via thecable.foreignpolicy.com ).