Obama the most polarizing president in decades

President 2nd Years Obama

No president in current many years had polarized the American public in their second year as considerably as President Barack Obama, according to polling organization Gallup.

In the course of his 2nd year in office, an regular of 81 p.c of Democrats approved of the occupation Obama was doing. But only thirteen p.c of Republicans expressed approval. That left a 68 point approval gap among the two parties.

At 56 points, President Ronald Reagan’s 2nd year had the subsequent greatest approval gap. Clinton had a 54 point gap throughout his 2nd year.

In truth, no president in the last fifty years, since President Dwight Eisenhower, had a more polarizing 2nd year than Obama.

General, Obama’s first and 2nd years in office each ranked in the best 10 most polarizing years of any current president. His second year was ranked fourth, while his first year was ranked sixth ( via rawstory.com ).