October 13 UFO Prediction: Sightings, and the Buzz so Far

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More, I would like to point out that NONE of the info offered herein is meant to suggest that I have endorsed a concept about what took place in NYC on Oct. thirteen… It is not my job to arrive to conclusions when presenting information.  I like to permit viewers arrive to their very own conclusions primarily based on the content. I would be remiss not to report on incidents like this, given the general matter matter of this website. With that explained, unless a thing else comes to light that is new to the topic, I’m declaring this submit comprehensive.

Effectively, below we are on October 13, 2010.  As promised, I am subsequent up on the prediction that there will be a mass UFO presence over the globe’s major cities. To go through far more about the prediction which includes my analysis, consider a look at the subsequent link:

Retired NORAD Officer Claims Around the world UFO Exhibit Set for Oct 13

I’ve been retaining my eyes on social networking buzz through Twitter, FB, Myspace, and so forth… and even though there is certainly an interest, and there have now been some interesting developments.

There was a spike in UFO reports over NYC, specifically through Twitter.  Some photos have even emerged of a sighting where supposedly crowds of folks have been hunting at the sky at these objects. Below’s one:

Thankfully, I did deal with to find the video of folks searching up at the objects in the sky in NYC. Click the link under the following picture to see the vid:

Right here’s a YouTube add of the identical video clip.. could work much better:

My take is that this can not be mistaken for the prediction by Stanley A. Fulham, simply because he evidently said in his press release (Or his PR person did) that this would be large ships hovering over cities around the world. Fascinating nonetheless.

Also, people have been reporting some anomalies on NASA’s dwell feed, but each and every time I attempt to look at it, it would seem that the stay feed has gone non-public or offline… which is kinda iffy, yes?  http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html

I am going to hurry up and publish this so that you all can take a look at the pictures and video clip, and will deal with this article just as I did with the Press Conference on Sept. 27… I am likely to proceed to update as info comes in.. Remember to go away any particulars or sightings or speculation in the remarks below, and refresh this page every single so typically, as I’ll be including new info as it gets accessible.

UPDATE: Was just sent the following You Tube video clip of a sighting over the Golden Gate bridge captured on a net cam.  The poster claims that about a hundred thirty other men and women witnessed the subsequent:

UPDATE: NYC sightings have now been reported on by the Huffington Submit:

UPDATE: Below’s another pic of the crowd in NYC looking at “something”…


UPDATE:  Eliminated the China UFO vid that was previously outlined the following. Just too fakey to me.. and lots of evidence to assistance it getting a hoax.  If you wanna see it, click on here: paraspiracy.com

UPDATE: The New York Day-to-day Reports is now reporting on the NYC sightings ( via extraordinaryintelligence.com ).