One of the most important Viking sites in the world found

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A Small village that beforehand existed only in folklore and fairy tales, a little bit like Tir na nOg, has just been recognized as one of the most crucial Viking websites in the world.

The Vikings wintered in two locations in Ireland. One would grow to be Dublin, the other was thought to have been lost in time. Not any more.

A year following exam trenches have been dug on the 'virgin' site in Co Louth, the benefits of radio-carbon testing on some of the artefacts recovered have confirmed that 'Linn Duachaill' exists and is properly preserved beneath farmland in Annagassan.

An international conference will be held in Dundalk later on this month to go over the significance of the site -- which some academics previously feel is one of the most essential of its kind in the globe.

Brian Walsh, curator of the county museum in Louth, said: "This site is thoughts blowing. It is untouched and it is fundamentally virgin territory."

Another who usually thought that the tales about Vikings in Louth have been much more than just tales handed down from generation to generation is the keeper of antiquities at the National Museum, Dr Ned Kelly.

"Linn Duachaill is enormously crucial due to the fact it is of the quite earliest interval of Viking settlement in Ireland ( via ).

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