Online video shows ‘dancing UFOs’ over Cyprus

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Video of what seems to be several UFOS filmed over Cyprus earlier this year has emerged, showing little white dots 'dancing throughout the sky'.

The 8-moment video bears a striking resemblance to earlier sightings matching the exact same description above the resort of Protaras in 2010.

Former Ministry of Defense UFO investigator Nick Pope told the Famagusta Gazette: "I've heard of comparable sightings in the UK, America and elsewhere and investigated many this kind of situations whilst I was working for the Ministry of Defence's UFO project in the Nineties.

"In some this kind of instances, it turned out that individuals had seen potent lasers and searchlights reflecting off very low cloud or mist. Such displays are often put on at rock concerts or big sporting events. It would be interesting to see if the times and spots of the latest sightings in Cyprus tie in with any such events."

There have been numerous sightings of UFOs in the skies over Cyprus for the duration of number of years, with the most memorable incident currently being reported over Tymbou airport in the north of Cyprus in 2009.

The sighting was reported by a pilot on an Atlas Airlines aircraft on its way from Istanbul who was approaching the northern coast. The pilot stated he saw a brilliant object in the sky “which resembled a large man or a big garbage bag”.

The UFO followed the aircraft until it landed and then disappeared ( via ).

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