Otherworldly 'Sprites' May Signal Alien Life

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Enigmatic and exotic, sprites are significant electrical discharges that flash higher in the upper environment -- normally previously mentioned potent lightning storms. Often vibrant red in shade with streaming tendrils of blue and purple stretching down beneath, they hadn't even been photographed in colour until finally 1995!

Sprites are one of the most elusive phenomena transpiring in Earth's ambiance -- and scientists at Tel Aviv University now suggest they might also be found on other worlds as nicely.

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Although sprites are rather widespread on Earth they have not been well documented because of their location high in the mesosphere, effectively above the variety of weather balloons. They only last a number of tens of milliseconds and are essentially substantial-altitude offshoots of lightning events closer to the floor. Lights is not only identified in huge quantity on Earth but also on other planets in our solar system.

Venus has been shown to have Earthlike lightning, even though Jupiter and Saturn experience lightning a thousand times a lot more potent than Earth's.

Tel Aviv College Ph.D. student Daria Dubrovin, alongside with her supervisors Colin Price of TAU's Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, and Professor Yoav Yair of the Open College of Israel, as nicely as collaborators Ute Ebert and Sander Nijdam from the Eindhoven Technical College in Holland, have re-created other planetary atmospheres in the lab to research the presence of extraterrestrial sprites ( via news.discovery.com ).

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