Pakistan military ordered to return fire if attacked by Nato

Border Nato Kayani Troops

Pakistan's military commanders have ordered their troops to return fire if they come under assault from Nato forces, raising the prospect of even more lethal clashes together the country's border with Afghanistan.

General Ashfaq Kayani, Pakistan's army chief, gave the new order in response to the modern fatalities of 24 soldiers when their border posts came underneath fire from Nato helicopters.

Kayani is under immense strain from within his very own ranks more than the two-hour bombardment by the helicopters of an ally, to which the Pakistani air power did not reply. The accessoire piled further humiliation on a army still stung by the US unique forces operation in May that killed Osama bin Laden deep within Pakistan.

"I want to emphasise and depart no ambiguity in the policies of engagement for everyone down the chain of command," Kayani said in a letter to his troops.

"When beneath attack, you have entire liberty of action to react with all abilities at your disposal. This will demand no clearance at any degree.

"I have very obviously directed that any act of aggression will be responded to with full force, irregardless of the price tag and consequences."

The communique, issued in Urdu, will be go through out by local commanders to their soldiers.

Kayani also mentioned that the air power did not respond to the Nato assault "because of to breakdown of communication with the influenced posts".

The shift properly transforms the function of far more than a hundred,000 Pakistan troops deployed together its western border from counterinsurgency to border defense duty.

The Nato assault happened on the border in between the Afghan province of Kunar and the Mohmand portion of Pakistan's tribal place. The border posts ended up 300 metres inside of Pakistani territory ( via ).