Photos: Michael Moore's Massive Michigan Vacation Home

Lake Moore Home Torch

Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore has definitely been traveling Occupy Wall Street exhibitions across the country-- featuring a couple of the most intense, such as Occupy Oakland-- urging activists to go on their battle against the wealthy "one percent" of Americans.

Originally, Moore strove to refuse that his enormous wide range made him a member of that one percent. Also when obliged to let on the clear, Moore suggested that he was not often with the one percent, based on his cash flow: "Additional years, like last year, I never never have a job (no flick, no book) as well as so I make a lot reduced."

The fact is that Moore is so affluent that he does not have to worry about his income. According to public tax records, Moore very owns an enormous holiday house on Torch Lake, Michigan-- one of the most world-class societies in the United States-- in enhancement to his posh Manhattan home.

With an independent resource, Big Hollywood has definitely obtained exclusive pictures of your home matching the address of Moore's waterside manor. It is the kind of glamorous season house that 99 percent of Americans are able to simply dream of owning.

Moore's vacation property is located on the southeastern shore of Torch Lake itself, which inhabitants publicize as the "third most beautiful lake in the world." Right here is an aerial perspective of your home, positioned on the turquoise blue waters for which Torch Lake is renowned:

Property values on Torch Lake, according to one real estate internet site, range "from $ 400,000 to plus $ 3 ton ( via ).