Pierre Piccinin: Iran will be attacked by Israel on August 20th

20th Grand Journalist Attack
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"Selon mes sources OTAN, Israël attaquerait l'Iran le 20. Le monde se détournerait de la Syrie et le grand massacre pourrait y commencer."

Translation: According to my NATO sources, Israel will attack Iran on the 20th (of August). The world's focus will be gone from Syria, and the grand massacre will commence.

Source: https://twitter.com/pierrepiccinin/status/235542231434526720

Apparently, Piccinin is a Belgian journalist and a historian. He's not on the level of some mainstream reporter you see on the news every day, but he's still in the public eye. In less than 48 hours, if this attack does not happen, his credibility as a journalist will be shattered, so either way, it will be interesting to see what happens ( via twitter.com ).