Planet-size object could be behind the Oort Cloud

Cloud Oort Tyche Mass

What is nudging comets our way? Each so usually a comet will get flung out of the Oort Cloud, a swarm of comets on the fringes of the solar system, and will get close sufficient to Earth for us to see it. But they do not seem to be scattered at random.

“There's an abundance of them close to a great circle in the sky, and that suggests that there's some thing perturbing them in from this great circle.”

Jack Lissauer of NASA's Ames Research Center at the American Astronomical Modern society meeting in Boston. Lissauer and his colleagues have long suspected a world-dimensions object, sometimes named Tyche, could be hiding in the Oort Cloud.

“The type that is the easiest clarification for this is that there is certainly a perturber in the Oort Cloud, and calculations advise this would have to be Jupiter mass, maybe a couple of times the mass of Jupiter.”

A NASA spacecraft called Wise could nicely be capable to see it. But only if Tyche isn't really at the reduced end of its hypothetical mass array. And, of course, only if Tyche is genuine ( via ).

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