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Pyramid in Croatia? Secret Dalmatia follows a 1570 map in Zagora

Pyramid in Croatia? Secret Dalmatia follows a 1570 map in Zagora

March 17, 2014 - After the Bosnian pyramid, is there a Croatian equivalent? Secret Dalmatia investigates a map dating back to 1570 in Zagora.

While the traditional association with pyramids is Egypt, the alleged discovery of pyramids in Bosnia and Hercegovina a few years ago brought the possibility of their existence in Europe, and a field trip by boutique agency Secret Dalmatia in Croatia on March 10, 2014 has offered up one more intriguing angle to the mystery.

Specialists in discovering and promoting the many secrets of Croatia and the Dalmatian hinterland, Digital Journal recently reported on how owner Alan Mandic and local adventure specialists Dalmatia Explorer discovered the lost village of Karanovac, and a similar field trip at the weekend investigated a curious feature on a map of the region produced in 1570.

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Dalmatian pyramid

Originally posted on Secret Dalmatia - Magic of Croatia: No, this is not a new discovery in line with "Bosnian pyramids". This is just a possible explanation of a mysterious pyramid first drawn on a 1570 map that was based on an older map by ibenik native Martin Kolunic Rota. Pyramid in Zagora I heard...

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