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Quake-Hit New Zealand City Hit By New Shocks

Quake-Hit New Zealand City Hit By New Shocks

September 8, 2011 - The New Zealand city of Christchurch has been hit by another sequence of strong tremors, four months immediately after 181 people died when an earthquake broken countless numbers of buildings.

Damage and accidents had been small when compared to the February 22 disaster, but it brought power cuts and unfold dread between a frightened and weary population.

In total 10 people ended up hurt and St John's Ambulance noted that 6 ended up taken to hospital.

Two individuals ended up rescued from a collapsed building, and fifty four,000 houses lost power.

The first quake to strike was measured at a magnitude of 5.2 and caused properties to be evacuated.

An hour and 20 minutes later, the US Geological Survey measured the biggest tremor at 6.0.

It struck at a depth of 5.6 miles and some 9 miles from the country's 2nd most significant city.

A vehicle submerged in drinking water on a Christchurch road right after the newest tremors

Significantly of the centre of the city is even now sealed off simply because of the precarious state of a lot of ruined structures from four months previously.

That disaster was technically an aftershock from an earthquake last September, and for nine months its citizens have endured hundreds of tremors.

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker was on the telephone to Sky Information Australia and describing the first tremor stay on air when the 6.0 quake shook his office.

He sounded scared as he described what it was like, and cut quick the job interview.

"We have received a very serious aftershock. This is as undesirable as it gets," the stunned mayor explained.

The aftershock prompted police to evacuate parts of the destroyed central city recognized as the red zone, while rock falls had closed several bridges and prompted the closure of one police station.

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