Republican Party Data Director Confirms Iwoa Voting Fraud

Cnn ” Pfeffer Votes

In a contact made on 12/29/11 @ eleven:58 AM  to Patrick Stewart, Information Director for the Iowa Republican celebration, he confirms the likely for voter fraud, and also refuses to answer the problem with regards to whether or not or not the chain of human custody amongst the precincts and central headquarters is actually damaged.  Listen really meticulously to the call, then view the CNN videos under which plainly expose evidence of Iowa Causus vote depend irregularities.


Per the final results of tonight’s caucus final results, the likely for voter fraud is extremely palpable.  The Republican Party has publicly stated that Ron Paul could not, really should not, and would not win…even prior to the casting and tabulation of the People’s votes.

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CNN had a couple of fantastic moments way prior midnight tonight– the loosening of the proverbial tie occurring somewhere about one:30 AM. But the votes had still not come in, and an industrious producer place Wolf Blitzer in contact with the Clinton County, Iowa Republican Chairwoman, Edith Pfeffer, and the female who woke her up to get the votes to CNN, Carolyn Talett.

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Talett defined that she had “received a contact at about 12:twenty from state central committee asking if I understood how to get a maintain of a person from 2-two.” This made her call Pfeffer, who didn’t reply her telephone, so Talett “came to Edith’s property and pounded on her door and got her up.” Immediately after finding her up, CNN named.

Pfeffer explained that she had sent the benefits in at 7:forty eight PM, so she did not understand why she was still needed or what the state did with her votes. Since Pfeffer had the results of her precinct, and these ended up suspected to be the missing kinds, Blitzer requested her to tally off the numbers for the county. “Oh, God,” Pfeffer replied, “I additional them up a few of times… oh gentleman.” She did sooner or later get the votes collectively, which King place into his amounts. Incorporating them up, he gave the victory to Romney, but mentioned that “the figures from the state do not include up with the quantities that we just received.” “What do you imply, the numbers don’t match up?!” one of the women boomed, to which the commentators laughed, and King experimented with to explain.

Blitzer then concluded inquiring regardless of whether CNN had woken them up, or whether or not the state did it. “No, I woke her up!” Talett responded, noting that Pfeffer didn’t response her phone.”Do you girls have some clean espresso?” King joked.

The interview through CNN beneath:

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