Ridley Scott's New Movie Influenced by Ancient Alien Theory

Alien Aliens Von Scott

Enjoyment for Ridley Scott's newest alien motion picture, Prometheus, has been heating up. Exciting new images were not too long ago released and there has been news this week of a trailer being leaked. Nevertheless, an exciting actuality for people who feel extraterrestrials have already visited our humble planet is that Scott claims his new film is motivated by the theory that aliens have "served" humanity advance to its existing degree of civilization. Dubbed the "historic astronaut idea," this idea was made popular in the late 60s by Swiss writer Erich von Daniken, and is at the moment the emphasis of the well-liked Historical past channel tv series Historic Aliens.

Scott's new film, Prometheus, started off as a prequel to the Alien series. Even so, as the project took form it turned into some thing new and distinct. Scott advised the Hollywood Reporter that it had transformed from being an Alien prequel to exploring the "place jockey" aliens that ended up showcased in the initial Alien film. They were the big beings whose ship the people explored, discovering the big pilot lengthy dead. It was on this ship that the protagonists found the eggs of the aliens which would terrorize the people in one of the most well-liked movie franchises in science fiction.

Scott also told the Hollywood Reporter that:

NASA and the Vatican concur that is nearly mathematically impossible that we can be wherever we are nowadays without there being a tiny assist alongside the way... Which is what we're looking at (in the film), at some of Eric von Daniken's suggestions of how did we human beings occur about. Von Daniken's suggestions were an quick strike when he introduced them in his greatest-promoting book Chariots of the Gods?, revealed in 1968. Von Daniken suggests that some of the world's ancient structures were as well complicated to be designed by mankind. As a substitute he believes they had been created by state-of-the-art extraterrestrial civilizations that interacted with primitive human beings. A single of the most popular examples is the pyramids of Giza other individuals are the monuments on Easter Island, and Stonehenge in England ( via huffingtonpost.com ).