Ron Paul Wins California Republican Straw Poll

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Republican applicant for president Ron Paul (R-Texas) won the California straw poll at the California Republican Party drop convention in downtown Los Angeles Saturday, acquiring forty four.9 p.c of the vote, beating one of the two GOP front-runners, Mitt Romney, by far more than 15 %. 

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) (photo by Shako Liu)

The poll has no lawful or binding effect and is seen as far more of a "splendor contest" and a test of a candidate's capability to arrange supporters.  Last month's Iowa Straw Poll was won by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)  who, nevertheless, is now jogging in single digits in most surveys of Republican major votes.

Paul is also operating in the bottom fifty percent of the pack nationally but has a fervent base of faithful supporters who made their quantities depend in Saturday's vote.

Paul spoke to supporters at the J.W. Marriot Resort which hosted the several hundred convention delegates amid cheers and chants as he laid out his criticisms of President Barack Obama's administration handling of the economic crisis.

“What we’re dealing with now is a crisis not only in economics but in politics," Paul stated. "We have strayed away from a excellent, professional-American international coverage. We’ve strayed from a seem financial coverage... I believe it's time for a alter in mindset and a change in route for this country." 

Criticizing his personal party platform at times, Paul, a militant libertarian, explained the present state of the nation was due to an infrequent subsequent of the U.S. Structure by elected officers and a failure to stay up to their oath of office. 

“I’m operating [on a platform of] peace, prosperity, private liberty, the U.S. Structure and the American tradition,” Paul explained.  

Humberto Rivera, a 25-year-outdated unemployed college student, was one of Paul’s enthusiasts who joined the crowd of supporters, chanting “Ron Paul!” all the way down the hallway. Rivera mentioned he believes Paul is the only candidate who tells individuals the truth. Rivera is an immigrant and supporting Paul as is his first engagement in American politics.

This enthusiastic follower commenced to understand about the Republican candidate from YouTube in 2008 ( via ).

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