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Russian Armed Forces on High Alert Over North Korea

Russian Armed Forces on High Alert Over North Korea

June 22, 2011 - NKToday is dedicated to bringing only the most credible and the most up-to-date information and contents on North Korea. We go a excellent duration to gather, curate and present them in a concise and user-pleasant way so that you, as a reader can receive the most up-to-date reports on what is occurring in the Korean Peninsular and in distinct, nation of North Korea.

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Kim Jong il Dead - North Korea: The Most Bizarre Country On Earth Is Now Even More Unstable

A new era has arrived for North Korea and nobody in the western world really knows exactly what is going to happen next. Kim Jong-Il is dead, and now control over the most bizarre country on earth has been handed over to 29-year-old Kim Jong-Un. Many believe that he is even younger than that. North Korea was already quite unstable while Kim...

North Korea: A Monument to the Pathosis of Protectionism

HT Russell Wood "That's different!" I hear red-white-and-blue protectionists object. It is different - but only in its consistency. Protectionism in North Korea is part and parcel of the economic philosophy of that government. So the government there pursues protectionism vigorously and thoroughly, obstructing North Koreans' trade not only with...

South Korea Activists Send Balloons Containing Propaganda Leaflets Into North Korea

U.S. Official: North Korea Leader Died Just as Deal was Struck to Halt Nuclear Program

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