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Russian Astronomers Predict Apophis-Earth Collision In 2036

Russian Astronomers Predict Apophis-Earth Collision In 2036

November 16, 2011 - Russian astronomers have certainly anticipated that asteroid Apophis could strike Earth on April 13, 2036. "Apophis is going to approach Earth at a distance of 37,000-38,000 kilometers on April 13, 2029. Its most likely crash by having Our planet may transpire on April 13, 2036," Professor Leonid Sokolov of the St. Petersburg State University stated.

scientist expressed, nevertheless, the prospect of a crash in 2036 was remarkably slim stating that the asteroid will likely break down into smaller sized parts and smaller collisions with Earth might occur in the following years.

"Our chore is to consider different choices as well as create circumstances and plans of action depending on consequences of further reflections of Apophis," Sokolov said.

asteroid, discovered in 2004, is thought of most significant peril to our world, although NASA experts reduced likelihood of a hazardous strike with Earth in 2036.

Russia's space agency declared its deals earlier to think about a project to defend against huge asteroid from colliding by having Earth.

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