Russian Military Has an Action Plan Involving Georgia if Iran Is Attack

Russian Military Forces Percent

Russian Defense Ministry resources told the semiofficial news reports agency Interfax that action deals are being concluded to respond to an armed interference including Iran and its nuclear program. The General Team of the Russian Armed Forces "works out" that military action against Iran will definitely commence "in the summer time" of 2012. Since Israel does certainly not have ample investments to defeat Iranian defenses, the Russian military thoughts of as US military participation inevitable (Interfax, March 30).

Bits of info have been appearing, pointing out the quintessence of Russian military action. Last December it was revealed that households of servicemen from the Russian base in Armenia have certainly been evacuated to Russia, while the troops have certainly been moved from the capital, Yerevan, north to Gumri-- closer to the perimeters of Georgia and also Turkey. The arrangement of Russian forces in Armenia for action in the event of military dispute by having Iran commenced "two years back" (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, December 15).

After the brief Russo-Georgian contest in August 2008, break-away provinces Abkhazia as well as South Ossetia were occupied by Russian troops. Tbilisi in turn quit military transit to the Russian troops in landlocked Armenia. There is only an air link to Russia, while gas and also many other musts apparently come the Iran-Armenia perimeter. Moscow thinks this perimeter may be closed in the occasion of warfare. According to Lt. General (ceased working) Yury Netkachev-- former deputy commander of Russian forces in Transcaucasia-- "Potentially, it may be needed to make use of military means to breach the Georgian transport blockade and set up transport corridors, leading into Armenia (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, December 15). The location of the region implies that any such "corridor" may endure the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

Enormous scope "strategic" military trainings Kavkaz-2012 are arranged for next September, yet it is described that arrangements and implementations of investments have started actually due to the fact that of the hazard of the feasible warfare by having Iran. New command and also control equipment has definitely been deployed in the region qualified of utilizing GLONASS (Russian GPS) targeting information. The air force in the South Military District (SMD) is described to have actually been rearmed "practically 100 percent" by having new jets and also helicopters. In 2008, Kavkaz-2008 maneuvers allowed the Russian military to covertly deploy forces that efficiently penetrated Georgia (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, January 16).

Last September it was disclosed that sniper units are going to be created in all Russian infantry brigades. The first 1,300 newly trained snipers have actually been deployed in the SMD (RIA Novosti, January 16). SMD units in Abkhazia, Ossetia, Chechnya and Volgograd have definitely been rearmed by having brand-new T-90A and also T-72BM containers as well as brand-new armored cars. In 2010 and 2011, SMD units obtained greater than 7,000 parts of new heavy weapons and also have actually been greater than 70 percent rearmed (RIA Novosti, January 16). According to Head Dmitry Medvedev, by 2011 the total rearmament of the whole entire Russian military by having new tools was a lot less-- 16 percent (, March 20).

Last January the newly designated commander of the 58th infantry that spearheaded the Russian attack of Georgia in 2008, Major General Andrei Gurulev, disclosed: "The army is a front-line force that keeps the tranquility in the region and has definitely been rearmed a lot more than 60 percent" (, January 28). After an inspection of the SMD by Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, it was announced that brand-new Special Forces units will be deployed in Stavropol and also Kislovodsk "to more strengthen the security of the region" (RIA Novosti, January 26). Stavropol and Kislovodsk are ethnic Russian-inhabited North Caucasian zones that have actually certainly not watched much Islamist or separatist task.

A brand-new 120-kilometer range land-mobile guided anti-ship missile, Bal-E, has actually been deployed on the Caspian coast of Dagestan (Interfax, February 8). The Russian military believes that when the US goes to contest with Iran, it could deploy forces in compatible Georgia and also warships in the Caspian with the possible support of Azerbaijan. It is disclosed that in 2012 SMD forces may be 65 percent supplied by having brand-new connection devices, while the rest of the Russian military will definitely have 26 percent (RIA Novosti, February 9). SMD units have certainly gained 20 brand-new Tornado-G MRLS launchers (first acquired in 2012) to switch out the aging Grad MRLS. The Grad was greatly used by the Russian troops from the Georgians in 2008. The 122-mm Tornado-G is reported to be "three times much more successful than Grad," with improved accuracy, firepower, range of motion and also an array of up to 100 kilometers (Interfax, April 3). The commander of the air-borne troops (VDV), Lt. General Vladimir Shamanov, has indeed revealed the Russian troops in Armenia shall be reinforced by paratroopers, possibly together with strike and also transport helicopters ( via ).