Russian special forces arrive in Syrian port: opposition sources

Russian Tartus Syrian Port

A Russian ship carrying a system of “ anit-terrorist marines ” is apparently docked at the Syrian port city of Tartus. (File Snapshot) Russian special forces have definitely arrived in the Syrian Mediterranean port city of Tartus, resistance resources told Al Arabiya on Monday.

Israeli-based open source military cleverness site DEBKAfile has certainly additionally disclosed that two Russian naval vessels have definitely anchored at the Syrian port of Tartus.

The website cited reports from the Russian Black Marine headquarters at Sevastopol. The mission of the vessels was certainly not divulged, nevertheless one was described to be carrying an unit of “ anit-terrorist marines ” and also the other, a military tanker which registered “ a Russian naval reconnaissance and surveillance ship presently united up in Tartus. ”

The Syrian port of Tartus is now the only naval base Russia has outside the previous Soviet Union. A Russian navy squadron made a call there in January in what was watched by plenty of as a show of support for Assad.

Likewise in January, a Russian ship allegedly carrying tons of munitions made a sprinkle for Syria after informing authorities in EU associate Cyprus, where it had certainly made an unanticipated stop, that it was heading for Turkey. Turkish officials said the ship had instead laid out course for Tartus.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly previously said that Russian military and technical workers were present Syrian as well as expressed his country is going to observe bing present arrangements to supply systems to Syria despite Assad’s yearlong suppression on the opposition.

Antonov said Russia’s supply of systems to Syria is in line by having international regulation and also will certainly continue ( via ).

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