S.Korea navy fires warnings shots at N.Korea boat

Boat Korean South North

South Korea's navy fired warning photographs Wednesday to drive back again a North Korean boat which was fishing illegally in southern waters amid higher stress along the Yellow Sea border, military officials said. The boat retreated to its side about two several hours and 40 minutes right after it had intruded across the disputed border, the Joint Chiefs of Workers mentioned in a assertion.

A South Korean navy boat fired 10 warning photographs from a machine gun following broadcasting three verbal warnings, it stated. No one was reported hurt.

The North's vessel appeared to have been not able to move for a time due to the fact the tide was very low, the military said.

The intrusion arrived at a vulnerable time, with the South's military and police on large alert just before following week's Group of 20 summit in Seoul.

"The intrusion arrived as our troops have been placed on leading alert off the west coastline," a defence ministry spokesman mentioned.

Nonetheless he stated there ended up no unusual naval activities by the North alongside the sea border, which was the scene of deadly naval battles in 1999 and 2002 and a firefight last November which left a North Korean boat in flames.

In March a South Korean corvette sank in the place with the loss of 46 lives. Cross-border tensions have been high since Seoul, citing a multinational investigation, accused Pyongyang of torpedoing the ship. It denies the charge.

North and South Korean troops exchanged fire briefly last Friday across their tense land border, without clear casualties ( via spacedaily.com ).

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