Saudi king puts military on high alert, massive troop movements

Saudi Alert Demonstrations Arabia

National guard, army brigades, and air forces troops were ordered to be on highest alert in Saudi Arabia for the first time in history, starting late today June 27th.

The Saudi Ministry of the Interior ordered all of their sectors to be on high alert starting 7 a.m. tomorrow morning.

There are talks that Erdogan sent the Saudi king a message saying that Turkey will launch an air strike on Syrian troops very soon (maybe near Geneva summit this Saturday).

Invitations to Saturday's gathering in Geneva were sent by special envoy Kofi Annan to the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council — including Syrian allies Russia and China — but not to major regional players Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Saudis are preparing for any reaction from Syria or Iran.

These are some photos of the Saudi army near their northern borders with Jordan:

Saudi Arabia is one of the authoritarian states in the Middle East.

The country has witnessed anti-regime demonstrations over the past months.

Since February 2011, Saudi protesters have held demonstrations on an almost regular basis in the oil-rich Eastern Province, mainly in the Qatif region and the town of Awamiyah, calling for the release of all political prisoners, freedom of expression and assembly, and an end to widespread discrimination.

However, the demonstrations have turned into protests against the Al Saud regime, especially since November 2011, when Saudi security forces killed five protesters and injured many others in the Eastern Province ( via ).

According to Human Rights Watch, the Saudi regime “routinely represses expression critical of the government.”

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