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Scientists Find Ocean-Like Water On Comet

Scientists Find Ocean-Like Water On Comet

October 31, 2011 - Experts have, for the first time, found h2o like that discovered in the Earth's oceans on a comet.

The new evidence strongly suggests that a considerable portion of the Earth's seawater arrived as a outcome of collisions with ice-packed comets.

Astronomers at the University of Michigan located the comet Hartley 2 carries ice with the exact same chemical composition as our oceans.

"We were all surprised," mentioned Professor Ted Bergin.

"Life would not exist on Earth without liquid drinking water, so the inquiries of how and when the oceans obtained below is a elementary one (sic)," he explained.

"The outcomes show that the sum of material out there that could have contributed to Earth's oceans is maybe greater than we imagined.

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Water like that of Earth's oceans found in comet

Water like that of Earth's oceans found in comet Ice found in a comet supports the theory that the earth's oceans were delivered to the planet in the form of crashing comets. It is thought that the Earth's oceans formed about 8 million years after the planet did, and scientists have long suggested comets as a cause.

First comet found with ocean-like water

NASA working on a comet harpoon

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