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Spreading the zombie meme: 'Zombie expert' speaks at Texas Tech

Spreading the zombie meme: 'Zombie expert' speaks at Texas Tech
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December 3, 2012 - Matt Mogk, founder of the Zombie Research Society, says a zombie pandemic is coming, and it's not a matter of if... but when.

Mogk presented his zombie theory during a lecture at Texas Tech University Monday night. The Zombie Research Society is made up of 60-thousand members worldwide.

"Our board is made up of leading experts from different fields, so from co-director of education of Harvard Medical School to leading neuroscientists across the country who have developed a 3-D model of zombie brains driven by a biological infection, that's really important because they're infectious, so it's essentially like a virus with legs and teeth."

Zombies have become popular with the success of TV shows like "The Walking Dead."

Mogk said you prepare for a zombie plague the same way you would for a tornado or earthquake.

So, how does one become a zombie expert?

Mogk says he's always been obsessed with zombies and got a Masters Degree from New York University for studying zombies in cinema.

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