Staged Cyber 9/11 Now In the Offing?

Cyber Threat Attacks Terrorism

This cyber false flag sabre rattling has been going on for some time. The alternative research community is all over the various possibilities for what the PTBs might use next to get humanity scurrying into their next stage of control.

They also probably get a sadistic kick out of all the things we try to second guess.

We don’t want to be guilty of bringing things into our reality by visualization and intention, but I maintain it’s been smart to be aware and even envision different scenarios to keep ourselves alert and prepared.

Who knows. It may just push them back and keep them from absolute total abandon in the execution of their obvious Machiavellian plans.

The Latest Never-So-Subtle Outburst

Leon Panetta looks the perfect stooge. I mean perfect. The spiritual plastic surgery on his brow to give him the “perma-cern” look even outdoes Joe Lieberman’s “I’m just a helpless Zionist protecting my persecuted people” look.

Disgusting people.

Anyway, Leon the Mafioso peon comes out with this script the other day, as if any half awake and partially warm human being couldn’t read his drippy, lying intent:

“In a blunt admission designed to prod action, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Thursday night told business executives there has been a sudden escalation of cyber terrorism and that attackers have managed to gain access to control systems for critical infrastructure.

In a speech in New York City, Panetta said the recent activities have raised concerns inside the U.S. intelligence community that cyber terrorism might be combined with other attacks to create massive panic and destruction on par with the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

“These attacks mark a significant escalation of the cyber threat.  And they have renewed concerns about still more destructive scenarios that could unfold,” he said. “For example, we know that foreign cyber actors are probing America’s critical infrastructure networks.

“They are targeting the computer control systems that operate chemical, electricity and water plants, and those that guide transportation throughout the country,” he added. “We know of specific instances where intruders have successfully gained access to these control systems.  We also know they are seeking to create advanced tools to attack these systems and cause panic, destruction, and even the loss of life.”’ Source

Nothing New, Lyin’ Leon

Like the buildup to 9/11, this cyber terrorism “threat”, mostly Mossad facilitated like 9/11 and the vast majority of so-called terrorist actions, has been deftly used to cripple nuclear facilities for years via the Stuxnet virus, still ruthlessly roaming the webesphere.

These people are beyond unscrupulous, and know they are way above any kind of law enforcement.

Welcome to the hell called the modern politico-society grid.

Built to control. Built to intimidate whole nations and peoples. Built to slaughter and kill indiscriminately.

The prelude to this apparent “possibility” for the obvious purpose of totally fascist internet censorship, has been “fishing trips” for public reaction, and has been going on for some time.

This fascist Zionist bastard’s been pounding on this issue more than any other. Seems the lowest scum take on personal assignments for their overlords at whatever cost to keep their rubber-faced propped-up jobs. (One look at NWO gorgin’ Gore and you’ll get the picture.)

Just sickening scum. And to think they’re considered “leaders”. Talk about a madhouse.

Here’s the frikking story:

“Lawmakers will adjourn for a summer break without passing a cyber security bill which legislators warned is imperative to pass due to an “imminent threat” of more sophisticated cyber attacks facing the country.

In recent days the Obama administration ratcheted up the fear, warning that without this legislation the nation’s security is at risk, vulnerable to a far-reaching cyber attack, a sentiment echoed throughout this week’s debate in the Senate.

“We don’t want a cyber 9/11,” Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., said, “right now, our adversaries are watching us. We’re debating, protecting America from cyber attacks, and it looks like we’re doing nothing, that when all is said and done, more gets said than gets done. Our adversaries don’t have to spy at us. They can just look at the senate floor and say ‘what the heck are they doing’?”’ Source

More Pre-Programming

Here’s another example from a year ago:

“Cofer Black, veteran CIA spook and former vice chairman of the mercenary outfit Blackwater, sees parallels between the terrorism threat that emerged before the September 11 attacks nearly ten years ago and the emerging cyber threat we supposedly confront now, according to Reuters.

(I know. Nice face, bulldog.)

Black worked nearly 30 years for the Directorate of Operations at the CIA, now known as the National Clandestine Service. As former CIA employee John Stockwell noted, the unit has “engineered covert action operations in virtually every corner of the globe,” resulting in violent coups and countless people killed. In 2007, it was revealed that more than 50 percent of the National Clandestine Service has been outsourced to private firms.

Black mounted the stage at a Black Hat conference in Las Vegas to make his prediction. “Your world, which everyone thought was college pranks … has morphed into physical destruction,” he told the nearly 6,000 hackers and security professionals at the conference, reports the Wall Street Journal. “Guess what: It is your turn whether you know it or not.”

Black’s comments fall on the heels of a suggestion by former CIA and NSA boss Michael Hayden that a “digital Blackwater” may be required to combat the threat of cyber terrorism.

“We may come to a point where defense is more actively and aggressively defined even for the private sector and what is permitted there is something that we would never let the private sector do in physical space,” Hayden said. “Let me really throw out a bumper sticker for you: how about a digital Blackwater?

Cofer Black also said the cave-dwelling terror group al-Qaeda will go cyber. “They will enter the cyber world because it’s comparatively remote, comparatively safer than strapping on a bomb,” he said ( via ).

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