Sun UFOs and December 21 Mayan Calendar Doomsday Connected?

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Some recent NASA/SOHO images are reportedly showing more unidentified flying objects (UFOs) around the sun. And these UFOs may even have something to do with the marked December 21 on the Mayan Calendar. How are UFOs linked to doomsday predictions?

"UFOs are orbiting the suns corona, but for what purpose?" Scott Waring, a known UFO resource person, asks in his web site, UFO Sightings Daily.

Waring offers some creative speculations as to what could be the UFOs' purpose around the sun. He accepts, however, that a solid science institution such as NASA is not likely to discuss solar UFOs.

 "Perhaps [the UFOs are] harvesting something from the sun or perhaps [the UFOs carry] a race of reptilian aliens that need the intense sunlight to survive. Either way, NASA is not about to discuss these UFOs even though they were first reported back in 2010 by Russian scientists."

Waring further notes that previously spotted UFOs appear to be smaller and fewer than those observed recently. He even connects these solar UFO sightings to predictions linked to December 21, 2012 - the purported last day in a Mayan calendar cycle.

"If you compare the size of the UFOs and the number, there seems to be a large increase in both...and with Dec 21, 2012 approaching, it makes me wonder what they are doing to the sun."

Did Waring just connect UFOs to the much publicized Mayan calendar doomsday?

Waring is not the only one who connects UFOs to December 21 Mayan calendar doomsday predictions.

A cult, which apparently believes the world will end on December 21, 2012, believes that the mystic mountain Pic de Bugarach in southern France is housing a space shuttle for extraterrestrial creatures. This UFO is believed to be mankind's hope for survival after Earth's doomsday ( via ).


Here is the most recent video made from NASA/SOHO images that Waring has featured in his web site:

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