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Not too long ago, a retired LAPD detective and Vietnam War veteran named Robert L. Pollock submitted a comment on The Paranomalist blog in response to a article I made in in Oct 2009, in which I reviewed the outstanding book Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm Kelleher and George Knapp. Should you treatment to study Mr. Pollock’s quite intriguing remark, make sure you see the responses area in ”Giant Wolves, UFOs, and Invisible Monsters“, which is one of the first posts that I made on this website, over a year in the past at the time of this creating.

Robert and I struck up a dialogue through the weblog and by email, and he was so kind as to give me permission to reprint a very intriguing tale of the unexplained that he’d sent me. This bizarre occurance transpired in early 1968 as he was carrying out his obligations in the course of the Vietnam War. Here is Robert’s story:

Airborne Mist: A Correct Experience

by Robert L. Pollock

C-a hundred thirty cargo plane - Supernatural function over Vietnam

In early 1968, for the duration of the TET Offensive I was a Loadmaster on a C-one hundred thirty cargo plane hooked up to the 834th Air division. My crew and I had departed Da Nang enroute to Camh Ranh Bay South Vietnam. The flight time was about forty five minutes, we had been flying south just off the coastline of Vietnam at 20-5 thousand ft altitude. The plane was pressurized and I was seated in the empty cargo compartment taking care of some last paperwork to be turned in when we landed at our location. This was the last flight of a extremely long 20-hr day for us. I had the cargo compartment lights on brilliant white since we had no threat of enemy fire so I could total the paperwork. 

As I sat there I observed movement at the rear of the boxcar sized empty cargo compartment. I appeared and was stunned to see a whirling gray cloudy mass forming at the rear proper troop doorway. The mass was whirling clockwise it entirely filled in the complete rear of the plane within seconds. It just hung there like a grey/black curtain. Nicely, I quickly thought that we had suddenly had a pressurization leak or some kind of large pressure fluid leak that was atomizing the fluid. I asked the engineer over the interphone system if he had any indications of any dilemma of any kind. He informed me “no”. By this time the mist or fog or what actually it was had 50 percent the cargo compartment loaded. In just a matter of no much less than two or three minutes the complete cargo compartment was loaded in all the way to the ahead bulkhead.

The engineer and navigator had joined me in the rear of the aircraft exactly where all three of us just ongoing to back again away from the mass as it advanced toward the front of the plane. The co-pilot then joined us at the ahead crew door location just exactly where the steps were that led into the cockpit. The pilot positioned the plane in autopilot mode and also joined the rest of us. We could see this grey/black mass in front of us, we ended up all so astonished. The navigator mentioned “this is spooky”. I remember searching at him nearly in anger because I felt sure that what ever it was we have been viewing was one thing to do with the plane itself and not something unusual or unusual. 

The engineer went back again to his panel to double test on any achievable difficulty with the plane systems and discovered practically nothing out of the regular. I put my hand into the mass and it just plain disappeared from sight. This stuff was really opaque. The engineer said “come on Load let’s do a walk close to of the cargo compartment”. I swiftly agreed, and the two of us stepped into the opaque mass. As shortly as I stepped into the mass the lights went out, we had to truly feel our way alongside the wall of the plane we ended up absolutely blind within that mysterious mass. Nicely, we felt our way all around for maybe fifteen minutes with the other three crewmen inquiring for consistent updates as to our welfare ( via ).

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